Rob Mullins

Features the hit songs "Making Love" and "Samba." Listen at iTunes or Amazon.

Product Details

  • iTunes Digital Format (2005)
  • Original CD Release Date: 1985


  • Rob Mullins - Piano, Keyboards, Drums, Programming
  • Marty Ruddy, bass
  • Recorded 1984 at Daystar Studios, Denver CO
  • Producer: Rob Mullins
  • Engineer: Rob Mullins & Kirk Hutchinson
  • Mixed by Kevin Clock at Colorado Sound, Westminster, CO
  • Art Direction by Stacey Robertson

Track Listing

1.   Schroeder Meets Basie
2.   Bay Wolf Blues
3.   Soulscape
4.   Celebrate the City
5.   Making Love
6.   Tobi's Theme
7.   Samba
8.   Julianne

Rob's Commentary

  This CD ended up being my ticket to getting back to California where I've lived since it came out. The text and dedication on the original LP was as follows:  "For those who to seek and speak the truth."-Rob Mullins

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