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Student2Artist Program
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Musical training with Rob Mullins has been an honor and a privilege. Not only is he a world class master composer and pianist but he is also a superior producer,arranger and band leader. His extensive knowledge of the inside workings of the music business, reflects decades of experience and success playing with and producing some of the greatest artists of our time. His outstanding ability to teach and communicate his musical knowledge to his students in a warm, compassionate and humorous manner makes every lesson pure joy. He has been able to articulate the vast world of musical styles into a system that is brilliant in it's simplicity. Most important, he empowers his students through employing stylistic elements, arrangement techniques, and other structures to become ultimately self sufficient at their level, and constantly encourages them to continue to the next level.

As a musician and a music educator, the level of inspiration and joy I experience daily has exceeded my wildest expectations.With consistent practice and conscious application of the skills and corrections received during the lesson, anyone can transform their playing and musicianship in ways they never imagined.

   - Sarah Ingraham - Singer Songwriter/Student2Artist Program


Audio Samples:

Free At Last

We Are In This World

Message from Rob:

Sarah's music is a unique blend of many types of music. Her musical journey led her to India as a young musician where she lived for 2 years with a gypsy musician family traveling the countryside and working with traditional Indian music forms, especially melody which is the strongest part of musical culture there.

Sarah Ingraham "HUMAN" CD Cover

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As her teacher, co-writer, session musician and producer, my job was to help her bring her songs to life and develop the sounds that would showcase her voice and create something entirely new for listeners around the world.
Making the music was quite a process. Sarah drove to LA from San Diego every Saturday for 15 months to work with me at my teaching/recording studio. We put in countless hours going over the concept, trying ideas, changing things, rewriting the songs, recording new tracks, mixing them and living with them. As the producer of her CD, I listened to a lot of source Indian and Punjabi songs that she brought in, and we chose two of them to cover, both songs by the famous composer Dahler Mendi. I added the flavor of my acoustic piano to several of the songs, and it was nice of Jonathan Blake and Amber Stevens both to donate their singing talents to Sarah's project. Robert Holtz also played a key part in adding additional keyboard parts and foley fx to some tracks to further bring the CD to life.

We reached a point in the project where Sarah just had to trust my musical instincts and let me just go with my gut on certain tracks as I was also trying to finish Jonathan's CD, teach 30 hours of other students a week, play in three bands, tour with Hubert Laws......and she was busy planning her first tour as a singer to London and Paris while running her own very successful teaching program for kids in La Jolla CA near where she lives.
We were busy but happy to be making music, and making music is what it is all about when you are a musician.

Sarah's piano playing grew over the time we worked together, and she also improved her singing to a level she had not reached before. We set up her CD at CD Baby, and she waited for the reviews to come in. I played her music for a lot of my other students when they would come in for lessons, and for a lot of my Euro buddies who flipped out and loved her work.

Sarah's accomplishment is a giant one. After years of uncompleted songs and frustration with other producers, I saw her project through to completion despite the numerous obstacles that came up and never lost sight of the artist she could become, and she now is a professional recording artist with her own CD. She has gone from student2artist. Congratulations Sarah, you are one of a kind!-Rob Mullins
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