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The day I met Rob Mullins my whole life began to change. When I came to Rob, I considered myself a guitar player who sang a little and wrote songs here and there. Now I consider myself not only a songwriter, but a musician. Rob Mullins gave me every tool I need to be successful in this extremely competitive music industry.

Not only does Rob know everything there is to know about music and songwriting, he had an amazing abilty to communicate that knowledge to his students in an easy way to understand. Although he may be fairly hard on his students, he still has a way to make the learning process fun by making everyone around him laugh. He also has the agreat way of instilling confidence in his students because he sees their full potential and has the abilty to bring it out.

Rob helped me realize that I could make a name for myself in the music industry. After just a few weeks Rob and I became determined to make me a better musician. With Rob's guidance and practice routine not only did I get much better, I completely transformed. After about a year of lessons with Rob I was ready to begin recording my first album.

Rob is the producer and engineer on my album and it sounds amazing. Rob has the ears of a genius. I have always been a good guitar player but now I feel like a well rounded musician. Thanks again Rob!

   - Jonathan Blake - Singer Songwriter/Student2Artist Program


Audio Sample:

Just Fine 1:03
Reflections 1:10
Wake Up Call 1:17
Better Days 0:52

Make Up Your Mind 0:56

Message from Rob:

Jonathan Blake is an outstanding student who's hard work and dedication has led to the completion of my Student2Artist Program, the most difficult curriculum I offer in my Privatelessons programs. After much effort on his part to grasp the concepts needed for song development, studio performance technigues, singing and playing combinations, microphone manipulation, instrument tuning, and other parameters in the Singer/Songwriter Program, Jon's first CD "Wake Up Call" was released October 13, 2006 at a CD release party we put together at Plush Cafe in Fullerton, CA The album was recorded in my Orange County Studio over a six month period, and mixed and mastered on my Protools System in my Los Angeles studio.
Jon's dream of his lifetime was to perform at The House of Blues, and we reached that goal in January 2007. He has also recently performed at The Rainbow Bar and Grill in Hollywood, and BB Kings on the Universal City Walk, a lot to accomplish within six months of his first CD release. You can check Jon out at his myspace page, get his CD at CD Baby, or download it on iTunes.

Jon is a fine example of a student who didn't skimp on the amount of practice time and hard work needed to raise his musical abilities to a level worthy of recording. He often practiced 6 hours a day getting ready for the recording sessions. We worked endlessly on the song material, often redo-ing entire productions after listening to what we had already done and making changes in the material and recordings to bring out his best qualities to the maximum.

I am really proud of Jon for completing the Student2Artist Program, and my congratulations go to him and his fine family who have supported him at this critical start-up period of his career as a recording artist with their personal, emotional, spiritual, and financial support.

Be sure to check out Jon's website and his myspace site-he will truly be an artist to watch in the future.