Tokyo Nights
Rob Mullins 1990 Nova Records
Rob Mullins-piano, keyboards, composer, producer, main performer.

High energy project that yielded two ballad radio hits in "No Secrets" and "B 4 U Go.". Features high energy playing by all members and great ballad work. A smash hit in the 90's that features Ernie Watt's, Dave Carpenter, Joel Taylor and more. Listen and download your favorite tracks at iTunes or Amazon.

Product Details

  • Audio CD
  • Original Release Date: 1990
  • Label: Nova Records


  • Rob Mullins - Piano, Keyboards, Composer, Producer
  • Dave Carpenter - Bass
  • Joel Taylor - Drums
  • Ernie Watts - Soprano Sax, Alto Sax
  • Recorded 1989-1990 at Colorado Sound Westminster, CO
  • Producer: Rob Mullins
  • Engineer: Kevin Clock
  • Mixed by Kevin Clock

Track Listing

1.   Tokyo Nights [Prologue]
2.   Tokyo Nights
3.   Roppongi Crossing
4.   Jaco Does the Weather
5.   Memory Lane
6.   Mia's Dream
7.   Let's Pretend
8.   Tarantula
9.   Boyz Will B Boyz
10.   B 4 U Go
11.   No Secrets

Rob's Commentary

This CD cover makes me laff. Love that hair. Try and get past the hair and into the music will you? LOL.  This was one of my all time favorite CD's.  Joel Taylor was simply amazing on this one. My favorite cuts are "Jaco" because it was about Jaco Pastorious who just still blows me away. It is me playing bass samples on that cut by the way...and "B 4 U Go" which is still on the radio around the world after all this time.

-Rob Mullins

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