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Jazz Piano Voicings: An essential resource for aspiring jazz musicians
- Rob Mullins

Reviews: Seven positive reviews posted by Amazon shoppers. Read Reviews.
published by Hal Leonard Corp.

Description: Written by Rob Mullins to help beginning, intermediate, and advanced pianists to understand jazz piano chords and the theory of how to make them. Included are exercises for every type of the most essential chords, chord progressions such as the II V I in every key and bass lines to match. A bonus section of chords to the 12 bar Blues Progression appears in every key with a bassline for the left hand.
202 pages of chord voicings for all keyboardists wishing to improve their knowledge of chords and how to make them on their piano or keyboard.  Used by Berklee School of Music staff.

Details: Attention is paid to both Swing and Latin Jazz styles for playing bass parts along with chords for musicians doing singles and duo gigs. A handy reference page for each root C, Db, D, etc has the important voicings listed on individual pages for quick look up for chords you don't know in your Real Book or sheet music.
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User Reviews

"I already had the Marc Levine book and John Novello books. Rob's book is what got me into the jazz band at Cal State LA. Good going Rob!."

-Tom Heller, Pasadena CA

"This book solved my bassline and chord voicing problems in a hurry."

-Emily Floor-professional pianist, Salt Lake City Utah

"A valuable resource for any musician needing to understand jazz chords. I will be recommending it to all types of musicians, including classical and jazz players."

-David Cohen, Soka University

"As a pop musician, I was interested in how jazz musicians think to create their sounds on the piano. This book explained it quickly and easily and I am now able to add jazz influences to my music with ease."

-Brett Shurman, Pasadena CA

"There are a lot of jazz chord voicings books out there. What is different about the Rob Mullins book is the explanations are quick and easy, and its not just a book of voicings. There are over 100 pages using the voicings over basslines and all kinds of blues and other chord progressions with the great voicings in there as well."

-Mario Tse, Pasadena CA

"I will be recommending this to all the keyboard players who come through our store."

-Matt Lapoint, West LA Music Center


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