Rob Mullins, jazz pianist from Los Angeles, came to Moscow’s UC Club for a week of shows in January 2008. For the full story and interview, click on the page names at the top of this page-ed.
Rob Mullins Live in Moscow 08
Standards and More Tour
Rob Mullins Sold Out Show
Rob Mullins
At the piano
Russian New Year’s gig
The Trio
Rob Mullins and Natasha Smirnova
Rob and Natasha 2
Rob Mullins Trio
Rob Mullins Trio w Igor Butman
Full Rob Mullins Band
Rob Mullins and Igor Butman
The band performing..
Igor Butman
Full band
Focus to the piano
Igor Butman wows the crowd
Natasha Smirnova
Rob Mullins Backstage
Natasha Smirnova and Oleg Butman
Daniela Schaechter
Vladimir Koltsov, Igor Ignatov, Rob Mullins backstage
From the crowd view.
Moscow nights